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    Wednesday, November 30, 2016

    Reply To Favor The Nature

    Youth for Climate Change, Indonesia

    By Ario Miftahul Hikmah

    Nowadays, the development of science and technology, making more and more new things are discovered by humans in order to improve the life and simplify life. Not only can the welfare and facilitate human life, the activities carried out have a negative impact on the environment. In the large-scale exploitation of natural resources is done to excess, resulting in harm to humans. This is because the ecological balance disturbed.

    Based on data from the National Disaster Management Agency until the month of August 2016 was recorded in Indonesia have occurred floods, floods and landslides, tidal waves, earthquakes, land and forest fires, volcanic eruptions, cyclones and landslides. The total number of these events as much as 1499 times, with a total of 257 fatalities and lost souls 303 wounded soul and suffering and displaced 2,086,427 people.
    "This is a warning from nature to us, this is a sign that the world wants to get attention from us".
    "Who wants to be loved? And who wants affection? ". Of course we all want it all. Similarly, the nature of this, he wants love and affection we should love and care for ourselves. Natural disasters it is this form of envy, jealousy forms of nature, lack of love and compassion have him.

    Remember us about the disaster "Haze?". Yes, this is the natural disaster that happened a long time in several months yesterday. Disasters are on the worst effects of this year, which because of the smoke, many deaths and illness due to constantly suck the smoke of the forest fire. Even haze to the territory of neighboring countries including Malaysia and Singapore, the irony is not it ?. After the clarification it turns out these fires are caused by some of the companies that want to increase oil palm plantation, strangely no clear punishment of the perpetrators of the forest fire.

    Various parties deplore and assess the government is not serious and seem less concerned with these issues. As a wise course, blaming is something we should not do. Because in essence duty and obligation to safeguard nature, particularly the environment is not just the government, but are we all. The irony of this consciousness is no longer important by some people.

    Start the erosion of personal awareness of the importance of preserving the environment at each individual not related to education in the possessed. This is evidenced by the many cases of violations of environmental sustainability will be undertaken by a highly educated only due to economic concerns. Littering was now entrenched in the community, old and young, from laborers to scholars, students irony was also so.
    Addressing the problems above, we finally formed a community that cares about conservation and environmental sustainability, precisely on October 10, 2015. Community “SAHABAT BUMI (Botani UIN Maliki)” name, a community of less than one year old has been a lot of activity in the environmental Conservation.

    Our campus environment actively encourage students to take advantage of the waste, do hydroponics, plant a variety of plants and make prodak such as herbal powder and fertilizer. Within this community, there are five sub special interests namely food crops, ornamental plants, medicinal plant families (toga), product processing and Hydroponics. We also actively participate in guiding the younger siblings in the level of making papers and research, sometimes we also got an invitation to fill the material about gardening in elementary school. We also have cooperated with tirta services in the planting along the coast Bekung Batu Malang on Earth Day and Environment in April.

    Community "Friends of the Earth" will continue to develop in order to better and exist in the campus and the surrounding community. As for the sustainability of our programs, on 24 September 2016 and has assisted the brothers of Biology student in the School of Environmental Events for Out door in order planting of coral reefs in Turkish Kondang Merak, Malang. We also are working with the Student Executive Board and the Student Senate to deliver a petition to the bureaucrats in response to parking issues, waste management and green open space (GOS).

    We plan to create a bank of garbage and organic waste management in the campus environment. We will also be mengeksistensikan "Come Gardening" in schools. Of course, we will also continue to develop research to increase food sovereignty-based economy, and environmental conservation. Hopefully this next plan our activities can be done well and certainly benefit us all.

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