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    Saturday, December 3, 2016

    Youth in Tunisia: Catalysts of change

    Demonstrations of youth in Tunisia after the regime change
    By Amine Radhouani

    Over six years have elapsed since the Tunisian revolution. The aspirations of the young people have since found the light to be achieved in a political environment not governed by dictatorship. 
    Since 2010, young Tunisian women and men have stood at the forefront of social change, continually expressing their desire to participate actively in the public sphere.

    The new Tunisian constitution opened the possibility of including the potential to increase youth involvement in decision making. As a result, the political participation of young Tunisian people has increased; Article 25 of the electoral law requires every candidate list to nominate among its top four candidates at least one candidate less than 35 years old. Importantly, the youth article affects national, regional and local elections. 

    On a social scale, youth-led community development initiatives have been successfully piloted in Tunisia. More than 18000 NGOs have been established since 2011 as young Tunisians have become more aware of the World issues and started working on them concretely by making national initiatives related to Education, Health, environment…etc.

    One of the initiatives was “Youth Speak”, a forum powered by the youth organization “AIESEC in Tunisia” and held in the city of Monastir in March 2016 about Quality Education, more than 700 young people attended the forum and spoke up their minds, eventually came up with a structured project to make an innovation in the educational system of Tunisia. The official authorities are starting to cooperate more and more in these initiatives.

    Youth speak forum 2016
    Besides, Young Tunisians are bringing many initiatives related to the country’s technological development; in fact, a group of Tunisian students, Passionate about digital learning, launched the “Young Tunisian Coders Academy” in 2015 to teach youth ages 10-15 in Tunisia coding skills.

    Young Tunisian Coders Academy

    Young Tunisian Coders Academy
    The Tunisian youth is the true catalyst of change and young people in Tunisia are absolutely guiding their country to better horizons. They believe in the future of Tunisia and are enthusiastically shaping it, driven by will and passion. 

    About the Author
    Amine Radhouani, IYF Representative in Tunisia

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