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    Thursday, May 25, 2017

    How are you the world?

    By Emmy Rusadi, IYF Head of Press Operations 

    This world is going so fast since some issues also come and go. This article will put us on some stories back on world book day and the upcoming day we will have international children day that affects us as youth. Some questions are coming to our deepest awareness.

    How many books are there in the world in modern era? How many books are read by the world today? Well, according to Google algorithms, there are 129,864,880 books in this world. Since the type of books also different, not again all of those on printed ones, the term of accessibility is being the key. How many people can access books can indicate the wealth of a nation or at least a community. 

    See this condition at least in our mind before we leave home. There are 43% people live in poverty and by that, 70% are with low literacy. Once we had poverty, there we could see low level of literacy. Yes there are some extraordinary people can go out from this trap but how many people are being trapped still until their old time? Could we find out children there? Yes absolutely.

    This article does not want to provoke us into making long description on poverty and literacy, but provoke ourselves to contemplate what we should do as many as we can. Make a frequent action though it is small is better. Collect your book, send them to people who need them especially children around. Collect your part of food or drink every day and try to give them to homeless especially children you meet. Collect your network and use your social media to spread these habits. Anything can happen only from your finger nowadays! Hit the world by frequent social movement that helps this world to be better. Well, children are not the only generation that does not grow. They grow to be youth then adult. 

    Youth can do something to develop future. Problems are challenges. By the way, the world today reminds us to one noticeable person, Profesor Jeffrey Sachs (Director of SDSN), on his global webinar by Facebook Live by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network-Youth at May 2nd, 2017.

    The question of importance young people can save a world of future. Paris Climate agreement, the most agreement about climate change globally, it created momentum on global commitment. How we making progress? 

    Basically, we know that global warming is a global issue when the earth is getting drier and really serious problem, We need to move energy system in each country from coal and fuel power to energy that don’t depend on carbon. The resisted also comes up from the big mining and coal companies with powerful lobbies. That is the politics. Politics have been funded by those industries for many years. We need more research by young people on renewable energy for example hydrology, solar panel, etc that youth’s country has. 

    What we can do to save SDGs on these circumstances regarding climate change. Researchers are the key as millions of young people also raise the voice about the climate issue. Again it connects to politics. Do not be greedy is also part of key to make cleaner future. But it does not mean we are losing. We still can keep moving by keep make a big noise (though the challenge is still not be heard sometimes). Keep strong on scientifically proven things. 

    There is massive campaign in US and Europe that pressure young people too to think the non-carbon energy. Should we think any big investment on this? Yes and some samples show us successful gain. It will trigger more responsible financial source to a country and future. It also leads socially and environmentally responsibility. 

    Young people should stand with outstanding ideas and we will live in the century to define solutions innovatively. Young people also part of suffered generations if you do not use your right to support this world change the mindset on how we care this earth. Then what is the solutions so far for us as a youth? Do not forget that youth has always incredible ideas for SDGs too. Yes we face huge challenges like access to healthcare, education, sanitation, etc are will be still top priority issues. Some audiences were commenting. Nia Adamson (audience from Australia) also said agree that she got a message that youth is not only part of future but also agreed giving the youth a chance is part of the solution. Alberto Borbon Castro (audience from Costa Rica) also commented that he thankful to Prof.Sachs’ perspective on putting youth on sustainable power their century. ‘It is the youth future to face the impact of climate change too so use youth’s right to give voice because energetic youth can change the world by maximixing the potencies (Rahman Putra, Indonesia). 

    Then talking about entrepreneurship, young has big opportunity to attract new ideas in the practice of creative economics. Some are unbelievable and never taught before. This is the feature of today’s young generations. New opportunity of kind of market combined with technology. Supermassive technology on transportation could open new access to a cleaner environment by using solar energy. The true sci-fi somethings but real!These all such of hopes how we can see SDGs is running.

    How can we motivate particularly to young people especially in Africa? SDGs is prepared as stated as ‘The World We Want’ but do not forget to manage the populations. We should do better understanding on this document so we can translate ‘what we want’ accordingly match with particular populations too. Different races, linguistic groups, religious groups, etc. The SDGs is very idealistic but it is still a very good idea. The problem is how we can make people understand and pay attention to that thing. It offers a unique opportunity. The power of social media could be used to be key to strategy. Let us take some highest followers on Twitter to keep posting and inspire SDGs around the world. We need to support people to recognise SDGs as something possible. 

    Young social entrepreneurship also part of solution. It connects to society since it is a good movement and change the chain of economic nowadays. Some countries have taken major decision like in Sweden completely mainstream in government structure. It also will change the legislative agendas. 

    More question goes to Prof.Sachs is about there are a lot of negative problems happened to young people. While we are dealing with these, how could be young people can be confidence and make solutions? The answer is about mastering global networks especially by optimizing social media and take responsibility also lead this area.

    In the political system, young people can run for legislative and goes really actions. Make a transformative movement since SDGs is also a transformative agenda.

    So, have you put some insights to decide what will you do for people around? And do not forget the main target? Yes, children and young people as they are assets of today and tomorrow. Let’s keep moving!

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