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    Friday, July 14, 2017

    Do I Have To Say ‘Happy World Youth Unemployment Day’?

    By Emmy Rusadi, IYF Head of Press Operations 

    Call to action! No skill is irrelevant.
    July 15, is the world youth unemployment day. This is the day to us to concern this issue around the globe. When the question of it comes to me, I am not happy! Rather than saying ‘happy world youth unemployment’, I would say ‘Pay attention on world youth unemployment day’. 

    There are least 71 million (according ILO (International Labour Organization) in 2016) of youth around the world. Get suffered, unemployed, no job, no funding, been ‘wasted’ from society, and even lonely. Furthermore, OECD stated that unemployed people are people who report that they have no job, available at work, and they who have taken active way to find jobs in last four weeks.  Youth in some countries could be defined different, there could be maximum 25 year old, 24 year old, or vary. Do you know why we should help each other to promote those kind of youth and find solutions. Make a hub. By what? Mouth to mouth as the simplest, and use technology to bring powerful sharing what skill you have. Let people know you skill and get engage to hire them, though small job you have. Many factors are being blamed to why youth unemployment is getting higher year by year/ People on this planet is getting smarter, it is said, but why problems also comes being ‘smarter’? Because we are selfish! We forget those unlucky people while we are busy on collecting money as much as we can in the name of skill we have. We forget to share small investment to build small business or even just product selling and hire people. Yes you cannot hire under-age person of youth, but you can use the productive ones. Let say in the age of 22-24 year old once they are graduated from school, but there are also big number of youth with no education or even training. Some more factors like political condition, financial crisis, natural disaster, socio culture, lack access of technology, access to education, etc. Time is running while problem is also linear with it. Then what we can do?

    We are as young people can use from the small part by using your social media nowadays.  Campaign that attract people’s attention. You do not need to think hard how? It could be simple one, promote your skill or if you know other potential youth who are unemployed to also promote their skill. Let people know your social media too then people can reach you. For example, let’s say writing skill. People can raise money from writing or translating from one language to other language. Or if you find out painter with no good appreciation who are cool, film it, and share! You need to care and share. Today, world is running on creativity. There is a cool proverb in this digital era, if you are not cool enough to use creativity, the world will kill you. 

    We should adapt to the era when internet of thing could be one of bridge on solving something faster. And it is time to inspire our surroundings by caring.
    There are many poor youth out of your homes need jobs and need to continue their life rather than being beggar or homeless. You can build a small community with your friend to come to them with your laptop and internet access. Or if you are an engineer for example, make a cute product for society like renewable handy lamp for people in remote area. Educate the youth there to get cooperation with you. You can be a bridge between corporation to use their CSR by buying your lamp, hire the youth there to run this business. Then, here we go! You make a real ‘light’ of life! 

    Do you have any more skill to promote? Or idea to solve this youth unemployment? Please let the world know it. Why don’t you follow us too through International Youth Federation.

    Emmy Rusadi, IYF Head of Press Operations

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