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    Monday, July 24, 2017

    Nothing is Impossible

    IYF Youth in Solidarity

    By MD. Bapparaz

    Now, this is your time....
    To do something with your life…
    Think about yourself, think about your goals, think about your future…
    Set your dream in your mind and start to realize your dream and make your life successful.
    If you want to be successful in your life, just make the first step, make the most logical choice in your life, what do you want?

    Then move your life, strive to achieve your full potential and believe at any cost that you want to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, speaker, motivator, businessman/woman etc. Please trust yourself that you can do it. Nothing is impossible. You must be successful if you believe in your core level of mind.

    Every day, there's an opportunity. Get up and discover.
    If you believe in something, just go for it. You may want to be a player, singer, entrepreneur, etc. Spread your wing, aim high and don't be afraid to fall....
    Remember, the action is the key to success.  If you think about your goals, and you take a decision but you don’t work for it and you don’t set things into motion, you can't achieve your success. So, the action is important.

    Think about what you want, get started and do it well.
    • Do not be afraid to make a change, make a difference in everything you do and discover new ways to achieve success.
    • Set your own goals, work hard and be smart, that’s how you’ll overcome every obstacle.
    • Turn the impossible into possible, win your life’s race.
    • Nothing is impossible.
    • Please take it easy, anything that happens in your life must be dealt with in a positive way and remember, be positive at all times, everywhere.

    International Youth Federation (IYF) encourages youth to inspire other youth around the world. This one is supposed to be your mind opener.

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