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    Friday, November 24, 2017

    Violence against anyone is heartbreaking, but violence against women is indescribable

    By Jade Webster 

    Violence is defined as the “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” Why does violence affect the world so much? Why does violence affect mother nature? Why does it affect human kind? Why does it affect our women, our mothers?

    My mother, my best friend, my confidant raised our family on her own. A single mother. Her love for us was more than enough. Her love for herself was diminished. Why? Because of violence. She wasn’t injured physically but emotionally. My mother dove so deep into her motherly role she lost herself. Her life partner, my father hurt her, emotionally. She was broken. But she wasn’t damaged. That hurt turned into strength. That strength empowered through her to us, my sister and I. Because of her we are who we are today. Because of her pain, her heartache, the emotional violence she was handed, she changed that to become a successful woman, a role model, my role model.

    Violence against anyone is heartbreaking, but violence against women is indescribable. Women give the world life, women give the world breath, women are the world. But why should they be punished? Behind every woman is a tribe of other women who have her back. I have my mother’s back, my sisters back, my best friends back. Who’s back do you have?
    The world needs women. The world needs me. The world needs you. Lets stop the violence. Lets stop the heartache. We are the women who empower. We are the empowered women. We are women. And I am proud to be a woman.

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