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    Saturday, January 20, 2018

    Challenges and Opportunities for Youths to Achieve the SDGs in Nepal

    Ajay Pandey, IYF Representative in Nepal

    By Ajay Pandey

    Nepal, a country well known of Himalayas and Buddha which is also known for its enamor natural beauty. It is also the land of opportunities where there are infinite and unexplored opportunities are awaiting. A country which is culturally diverse in the sense of race, caste, religion and language living with complete harmony where no communal riots have happened till date. 

    Out of total population of Nepal (26,494,504) 40% population (10,689,842) are youth. Among them, 45.8% are males and 54.5% are females. In spite of a lot opportunity in Nepal itself majority of youth population lives outside of country. More than 1,921,494 (72%) of total youth population was found to be out country either for aboard studies or employment. Yet corporates are not getting right people to work. There are thousands of vacancies every day. The problem is youths are not skilled. There is big gap in the education system which makes students academically qualified yet not skilled. So, they do not get job according to their education and are forced to leave country to works as labor. 

    Ajay Pandey, IYF Representative in NepalStarted with the aim to shape the world and lead towards peace and prosperity Sustainable Development Goals. It was adopted by world community. There are efforts from different sectors to achieve SDGs worldwide.  Successful implementation of SDGs is only possible with perfect co-ordination among, Government, UN bodies, NGOs, INGOs and citizen and everything must happen from the core. Since Nepal has already moved towards federalism and power will be shifted to local bodies. People are in dilemma about local bodies itself. In the situation where there is absence of both financial and human resource it is great challenge for Nepal government to incorporate the SDGs in its Development agenda. Along with political instability and unsupportive bureaucracy there are other problems like illiteracy and corruption are major hurdle in advocacy about SDGs. People still take it as vague component. The advocacy which is happening is majorly in city areas and things have still not reached even near the core. The medium which is being taken for the advocacy must be changed to make it effective. People today are does not pay much interest to attend lectures in seminars. The advocacy in today’s time should be changed with the aim deliver the right message to right people. Same thing should be done for SDGs.

    Since the youth major active population is youth. Youths are the one who have contributed most in both advocacy and implementation. In the leadership of UNDP by partnering with other youth led and youth focused organizations have working actively for SDGs. CSO Forum for the SDGs and Youth Alliance for the SDGs are the two examples among of their initiatives. 

    However full effort cannot be seen a ground root level and need to reach the ground level in an effective medium which is understandable by all common people. It should be delivered in the local languages my presenting in different modules from which people like to engage. 

    IYF Nepal aims to empower Nepali youths by making them skillful. The vision of IYF Nepal is to create a platform where youths can groom themselves by sharpening their skills and working in Nepal. To create such environment that Nepali youths does not have to leave country for getting employed. IYF Nepal aims to work for SDGs at ground level by interacting with local people. IYF Nepal will be using tools and medium like roadshow, Literature, play so that youths can connect easily and older one can understand it for the advocacy. Beside this IYF Nepal will be conducting various training, camp, workshop focusing on SDGs to empower Nepali youths.

    About the author:
    Ajay Pandey, IYF Representative in Nepal

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