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    Monday, April 30, 2018

    Dissecting the relationship of discrimination and nepotism in the workplace.

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    Usually, the central focus of equalitarianism in the modern world is how to disrupt discrimination amongst people of different tribes, religions, cultures, languages and historical backgrounds. While this altruistic intent has been making progressive waves, it is mostly unarguable that discrimination is still a global challenge.

    The disturbing results of the indiscriminate unfair treatment of minorities in Nigeria and the systemic practice of putting unqualified relatives in public offices are putting at risk the nation’s best interest. It is utter listlessness and outright mediocrity. 
    As informed netizens, we have to reexamine discrimination with pragmatic views as discussed in this article.

    Under discrimination, several disintegrative variables are to be noted such as favoritism, tribalism, and nepotism. It is particularly important to understand the fact that discrimination hugs the points of unfairness and inequality thereby culminating in preferential treatment. Like Africa, the age-long discrimination concerning gender in the Western world crept until today. According to World Economic Forum, it would take 217 years to close the gender pay gap.  Another discriminative workforce practice is ageism where most organizations would always put an age limit on all their vacancy advert. I then begin to wonder; does age affect one's efficiency at work?

    In our clime, this is a much celebrated nefarious arrangement. The Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, recently appointed his cousin, Flora Okorocha as the Commissioner for Happiness and Marital affairs while still not backing out in supporting his cousin as his successor. In a similar vein, discrimination is a cankerworm that has poorly eaten in the fabric of our public administration and institutions. It is very rare to gain appointment to any institution or governmental agency without primordial affiliations. 

    To this end, many erstwhile finest institutions are dominated by people who do not even know why such institution was created in the first place. The internet had the video clip of one top official who doesn't know the official website of his Federal parastatal. How do we explain that? Your guess is as good as mine..."He used his long legs."

    Additionally, discrimination is equally negatively rewarding at the individual level. It stifles opportunity for meritocracy and relationship with like-minded individuals. It is high time we opposed it. Identifying and associating with each another by tribe, culture, religion or nepotism are condemnable. Equally, there should be adherence to international best practices in the course of recruitment or appointment. 

    Standards should also be stated. When the best materials are not given the opportunity, underperformance cum poor outputs take the lead. Either at the level of the individual, national or international, it is therefore imperative we address the menace head-on. 

    To every worker putting in an effort to live decently and put food on the table for yourself and your family, I celebrate you all. Happy Workers' Day.

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