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    Sunday, July 14, 2019

    Strengthening Students’ Communities for A Peaceful Co-Existence

    Diversity Camp, YDF

    By: Karamat Jameel, YDF

    Recently, Youth Development Foundation (YDF) engaged in intra-faith harmony project due to serval witnessed problems among interfaith and sectarian groups in the recent social-security landscape of Pakistan. Moreover, it was also seen that students of Religious Educational Institute (REI) are far from modern subject taught at Universities in terms of exposure and curriculum. 

    Therefore, YDF seeing this growing gap intended to bridge this gap by arranging diversity camps under the mentorship of University Professors’ and teachers of the religious education institute. This enabled the participants to understand the various perspective on religious tolerance, acceptance, and diversity. 

    For this, YDF took five religious educational institutes on board along with one public university. 152 students from practiced faiths in Pakistan were selected to attend five diversity camps at a hill station. The students from both university and religious educational institute attended diversity camps in a group of 30 students per batch. The camps were designed interactively with group activities followed by discussions, games, participatory sessions, and combined presentations. The participants had a chance to experience first-hand togetherness for 3 days. 

    Each camp concluded with a recreational evening and a bonfire where students who were unknown to each other on the first day, were seen dancing, singing and collaborating till the third day. YDF brought not only the college youth and REI together, but also youth of varied diverse backgrounds together. This entire pool of 152 students was diverse in terms of sects and ethnicities. 

    The students were made to learn how diversity beautifies our society and that diversity is to be accepted, to be celebrated and to be protected. After camps, students in groups submitted social action projects. The idea of these projects was to make young people able to organize small-scale community activities in their respective areas. The idea was to empower youth in taking actions for social transformation to influence their fellow students by imparting knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

    YDF was able to succeed in organizing another diversity camp for female participants. Female students had an environment where they are stepping out of their home and breaking common stereotypes. YDF team managed to engage 15 of them in the camp where they shared their rooms, meals and time with their fellow participants. The whole project brought students of two different segments through a pool of 152 students as direct beneficiaries and more than 2,815 indirect beneficiaries within 6 months for intra-faith harmony and tolerance activities organized for peaceful coexistence.

    Youth Development Foundation is working in Pakistan for several years.  We are focusing youth for interreligious and social harmony, peacebuilding and exploring the colors of diversity for peaceful coexistence in Pakistan. YDF has the privilege to introduce, the first ever diversity tours in conflict-driven districts of South Punjab since 2013. YDF has organized and arranged several diversity tours followed by tailored workshops and social action projects at multiple districts of Pakistan.

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