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    Monday, March 16, 2020

    NAIROBI Summit on ICPD25: Towards strengthening global commitments to end maternal deaths by 2030

    Some “bold commitments” have been made to transform the world for women and girls by 2030 in the recently concluded ICPD 25 Summit in Nairobi, which brought about 6,000 delegates from across the globe. 

    According to UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem, the ICPD25, dubbed the Nairobi Summit, lived up to its theme; Accelerating the promise and provided a “renewed, re-energized vision and community working together to act and deliver results for women and girls”

    “The Nairobi Summit represents a renewed, re-energized vision and community working together to act and deliver. Together, we will make the next ten years a decade of action and results for women and girls, keeping their rights and choices at the centre of everything we do,” Dr. Natalia Kanem. 

    Among the renewed commitments is action to end all maternal deaths, unmet need for family planning and services, Access for all adolescents and youth, especially girls, to comprehensive and age-responsive information, education and adolescent-friendly comprehensive, quality and timely services and gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls by 2030.

    The Nairobi Summit, which was co-convened by the governments of Kenya and Denmark with UNFPA and the United Nations, was building on the groundbreaking International Conference on Population and Development, or ICPD, where 179 governments identified linkages between population, poverty reduction and sustainable development by putting the rights, needs and aspirations of individual human beings at the centre of sustainable development. It also identified enhanced access to reproductive health as critical to development. 

    “In 1994 at the ICPD, we imagined a world where one day, no woman would die giving birth, where no woman would be at risk of unintended pregnancy, and no girl would be denied her right to make a safe and healthy transition through adolescence and adulthood. The world we imagined is now within reach, but we must join forces to make it a reality once and for all.” Said Denmark’s Special Envoy for ICPD25 Ambassador Ib Petersen. “ 

    $264 Billion PRICE TAG 
    Achieving these goals for women and girls definitely has a price tag and funding for the ICPD Programme of Action was among the key areas of focus during the Nairobi summit. 
    According to figures released during the opening of the Summit, the cost to achieve the “three transformative results” -- zero maternal deaths, zero unmet need for family planning, and zero gender-based violence and harmful practices -- within the next decade is $264 billion. This is according to research by UNFPA and the Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with Victoria University, the University of Washington and Avenir Health. 

    The Nairobi Summit will, according to UNFPA be remembered as a “watershed moment that set in motion actions that saved lives, lifted millions of women and girls, their families and communities from exclusion and marginalization, and enabled nations to harness the demographic dividend to grow their economies”. 

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