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    Tuesday, April 23, 2019

    Youth have the power to create change for a better future in Sudan

    Youth in Sudan

    By Krestina KHEIR

    Empowerment isn't just a word; it must be supported by actions to see the effect of giving away resources and support to young leaders who are capable of creating change.

    When I was at school, they taught us to fight for our future as they implanted quotes such as "Where there is a will there is a way."As a young leader, this encouraged me to dream and do more to fulfill those dreams by making use of the available resources, and take more opportunities and challenges that help me to build up my career.

    After many years of volunteering, I come to realize that there is a critical need for awareness and growth opportunities for youth in Sudan, which leads me to think about ways to raise the value of youth empowerment due to its significant role in the Sudanese community development.

    Youth have a thirst for knowledge and passion to learn, in order to give back to their country in the future. They are more adaptable to change, and always seeking for new challenges to make a difference in their lives and their country. With great courage, they are ready to venture into the world with strength and confidence.

    A good example of how youth can make the change is the recent Sudanese revolution carried out by over million Sudanese youth, they were advocating for freedom, peace, and justice, which led to dissolve a three-decade government and demanding for civilian rule.

    Moreover, the participation of young women as they represented two third of revolutionaries  and they were very effective among protestors, the Sudanese youth protesting continued  for over 4 months without damaging any public or private properties  they were just dreaming for a better economic situation, peace, health service and other basic life quality standards to insure an improved future for youth and the generations to come in Sudan.

    That encourages me to strongly believe this is a sign of maturity and awareness. Youth are empowered to achieve their goals when they get the opportunity. This is the kind of context awareness that must be embraced and encouraged to make the radical change our nation seek.

    About the Author
    Krestina KHEIR, Management Analyst

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